The Indianapolis Police Department buys a billboard touting better pay to lure officers from Detroit

DETROIT – The city has long faced a great struggle to recruit and retain police officers, which is why the proposed salary increase is awaiting the approval of the city council.

But not even that would do Detroit Police Department salaries competitive with officers in other cities, including one who made a bold move to poach police officers from Detroit.

“I saw it,” said Detroit Police Sgt James White. “I know our officers are the best in the country and I know they are highly recruited in and out of state.

A bold billboard in Detroit suggests officers could have a starting salary of $72,000. If approved by the Detroit City Council, the Detroit Police Department pay raise would have a starting salary of $53,000.

“I’m not surprised,” White said. “I’m a little disappointed that someone would post something like this in our community, but I also know that our officers are very dedicated.”

The police union president went to the city council and urged the city council to approve the pay raises or the department would continue to lose officers.

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“From my conversations with council members, everyone feels we’ve come a long way in supporting the men and women of DPD,” said the Detroit City Council president. Mary Sheffield. “I’m looking for unanimous support next Tuesday.”

“I sent a letter to officers across the country saying, ‘Please, don’t hire our people,'” said the former Detroit police chief. Ike McKinnon. “They looked at me and laughed.

Mckinnon says Detroit can’t compete with a $72,000 starting salary.

“You can’t compete with someone who’s making a profit or paying $70,000 to start,” McKinnon said. “They are making as much as some of our military commanders.

Shawn Ley: “Did you call Indy by any chance?

White: “We will not enter into those conversations.”

So far, 290 Detroit police officers have left the department for other jobs.

Detroit’s mayor and police union reached an agreement on a new contract on Sept. 30. But so far these increases have not materialized and officers are leaving the force for other departments and better pay. (WDIV)

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