Paddy: Paddy procurement for central pool up 6.8%

Rape procurement for the central pool in the ongoing 2022-23 kharif marketing season was 6.8% higher at 21.45 million tonnes as on November 7 compared to 20.08 million tonnes a year earlier, according to the latest data from the Food Corporation of India ( FCI). ).

The data suggests that this year the state will be making extensive provision to replenish its stocks, as central rice stocks were 19% lower and paddy stocks were 16% lower as of October 1 compared to last year. , said Rajiv Yadav, vice president of Origo Commodities, which focuses on commodity supply chain, post-harvest management, trading and finance.

While procurement from Punjab, Haryana and Tamil Nadu increased this season, that of Uttar Pradesh, one of the leading grain producers, was lower than last year. Until November 7, the government’s contribution was 12.39 million tons compared to 14.63 million a year earlier.

Lack of rainfall during the monsoon season (June-September) had led to lower spaces in UP, causing a decline in production.

The government aims to procure 77.13 million tonnes of rice during the current kharif marketing season. Actual purchases in the previous season were 75.93 million tonnes.

Paddy is a summer and winter crop. However, 80% of it is produced during the kharif, or summer season.

Rowing is provided under the central pool at a minimum subsidy price and is used for various welfare schemes. FCI and various government agencies handle the procurement on its behalf.

Paddy procurement for central pool increases by 6.8%

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