Apparently, Johnny Depp and his ex-lawyer girlfriend are back on a VIP date in Vegas!

Johnny Depp and his ex-lawyer/former luvvah Joelle Rich are you together again? Or still together??

As you know, the actor began a romance with his lawyer after his British case against The sun (especially while she was STILL married!), but rumors swirled just last Friday that they had gone their separate ways. It looks like the rumors weren’t true? Or maybe they were just a little too quick…

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According to sources for DailyMail.comJoelle is still rocking her beau as they spent a romantic weekend together in Vegas to watch Johnny perform in concert Palms casino resort. The Pirates of the Caribbean Star is currently on tour with a British rock star Jeff Beck and it looks like his special lady was there to support him!

Witnesses claim that Depp also gave Rich special treatment:

“They took Joelle to the VIP room to check in and she was at the concert on Friday night. We saw her shoot some YouTubers backstage [after the performance]. It looks like they haven’t worn out!”

Ugh! VIP for the very important (legal) expert!

The 37-year-old was seen watching her beau rock out from the side of the stage – and she even snapped a picture of him for her Instagram story and put a red heart over his head. Another insider told the radio station:

“Oh, they’re still fine. She was front row with him backstage at his concert in Vegas on Friday night. She is clearly crazy about him. And he likes her too – but he likes his women.”

He likes his women?


Well there you have it folks. The couple is still ON – unless what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, that is. Hmm… Feedback?

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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