Home care company Sprinter Health is partnering with virtual healthcare provider Firefly Health

California-based Sprinter Health announced its partnership with Firefly Health to integrate its home clinical services into Firefly’s virtual healthcare platform.

Firefly members will be able to get lab extracts, vitals checks, diabetic eye exams and nutritional screenings and ECGs at home by sprinters phlebotomists and nurses. Firefly physicians will receive lab results and notes electronically for review.

The deployment will begin with Firefly patients located in the Boston area.

“Together with Firefly Health, we’re helping condense the time it takes to gather critical data a doctor needs into just minutes of a patient’s time,” Max Cohen, CEO and Founder Sprinter Health said in a statement. “The result is the convenience and affordability of telehealth combined with the high-touch, personalized service needed to ensure physicians have the critical information to make an accurate diagnosis and provide the best care.”


The partnership comes a month after the insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts announced it would offer virtual health care options through Firefly Health or hybrid provider Carbon Health available in the “majority” of its commercial health plans starting in January. 1.

Members of the health insurance company will be able to access primary care, mental health services and referrals to personal providers in their network when needed with a $0 co-pay provided they meet the requirements of their plans.

In March, Firefly announced a partnership with a gastrointestinal digital health company Oshi Health offers a digital digestive service, which allows Firefly members to access virtual visits with a care team, including providers, nutritionists and psychologists.

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