NFL fans began to wonder about a “major announcement” regarding military leaders

The Washington DC Attorney General plans to hold a press conference tomorrow for the military commanders in Washington. Karl Racine says that a big announcement is coming regarding the team

With the Attorney General involved, this can’t be good news for the team or for Dan Snyder, who is reportedly looking into selling the franchise.

Washington DC Attorney General Karl Racine will hold a press conference tomorrow to make a “major announcement” regarding the military commanders in Washington.

All the research on the team over the past few years must have yielded something, but since Racine didn’t provide any information, there’s no telling what’s on the tire.

NFL fans have been mulling over the news, wondering if it’s an official announcement that Snyder is selling the team or something much worse. He could expect punishment as the police in the district are getting involved in the case.

@MySportsUpdate Why DC AG? The team’s stadium is in Maryland, the practice facility is in Ashburn Virginia, the federal charges would be the US AG and the Department of Justice. What actually connects The Washington Commanders to Washington because of the lawsuit?

Since the team is technically located in Maryland, that further complicates things. For the Washington DC Attorney General to be involved, it would have to be connected to DC itself in some way.

That could mean they get a new arena in DC, but it could also mean there are serious government issues headed the way for Snyder.

Why is Dan Snyder selling out the military leaders in Washington?

The Commanders are not officially for sale yet. Snyder has hired Bank of America to oversee the potential transaction. This is a good sign that he is going to sell, but nothing is certain.

Washington football team announces name change to Washington officials
Washington football team announces name change to Washington officials

There are several reasons why he might be selling. First, it is better for him to sell himself while the value is higher. If he is forced out, he would probably get a weaker return.

On that note, there was a genuine belief among NFL executives and owners that Snyder would be forced to sell. After lengthy investigations into allegations of a toxic workplace and sexual harassment (and other issues), many believed there was reason to remove Snyder.

Feeling that pressure, he recently said he has dirt on the NFL and many of its owners. However, it now appears that he may have decided that it is not a battle worth fighting or a battle he can win.

As a result, he’s starting to look at selling the team so he can walk away with his head held high (relatively high).

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