Boyfriend shares chilling text message from US woman who died in Mexico Airbnb

The boyfriend of the woman who was found dead at this time Airbnb during a Day of the Dead trip to Mexico City, their last conversation has emerged.

In an interview with People published on Thursday, victor day he said he started getting text messages from his girlfriend Candace Florence on the morning of October 30, where she indicated that “everything was fine” at the time. The 30-year-old said he then saw a 28-year-old Instagram stories which showed her drinking wine with her friends Jordan Marshall swear Presentation hall at a bar that appeared to be a rooftop bar. But two hours after Kandace said she was fine, Victor said she started expressing how “tired” and very emotional she was:

“I texted her, ‘What’s wrong? and she says, “I’m just not okay. I want to go home.’ And I wrote to her: ‘You don’t enjoy this. What’s up anyway? She says: ‘I feel drugged.’ And I say, ‘Where’s Jordan? Are you at home or out?'”

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Kandace claimed she went back to her Airbnb and while she told Victor she never took any medication, she said it felt like she “took Molly” based on the symptoms she was having. She then sent an SMS:

“I’m literally in pain. I’m like a shake.”

Victor asked if someone had been able to refill her drink while she was with Jordan and Courtez and said:

“If you didn’t watch your drink all the time, you could have been drugged.” Her last text to me was, “I wasn’t smug.”

He got the final message around 4:47, but she FaceTimed him a few minutes later:

“Three minutes later, she FaceTimes me. And that’s when I can clearly see that she’s throwing up. She has been crying. I mean her whole face was wet, crying or throwing up or maybe she splashed water on her face.”

While on the phone, Victor said he fell asleep at one point for “probably about five, 10 minutes” and woke up with their phones still connected:

“But now the phone screen is pitch black as if she put the phone down or dropped the phone.” But the camera side faces the ground. So I don’t see anything. But I heard something going on in the background, and I put the phone to my ear, and it sounds like she threw up or wiped, or both.”

He remembered thinking to himself that everything was “fine” – that she would be sick and sleep it off if she had been drugged:

“She goes to sleep. She will wake up the next morning and she will tell me all about what could have happened. And for me, that’s what eats me up. Because knowing that I could have helped a little bit more, knowing that at that moment I probably could have called the police. I could have done something, but instead I went to sleep.”

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The next day, Victor reached out to Kandace via text – but never heard from her again:

“How are you feeling? Are you okay? About 30, 45 minutes go by, I don’t get anything. And I started thinking, I was like, well, it looked like she was having a night. She’s probably just oversleeping a lot.”

As an hour went by, he became concerned and reached out to the Airbnb host to perform the euthanasia. Victor wrote to the person:

“Something is terribly wrong. I need someone to check on the apartment. And we go back and forth for a while and finally she tells me, okay, she’s sending her security into the apartment.”

Ten minutes later, the host revealed the three friends were found “in the apartment unresponsive with no vital signs” and on Halloween morning she said they “were pronounced dead.” Victor had understandably been shocked by the news and couldn’t believe it at first:

“I refused to believe they were dead. It seemed so surreal it wasn’t real. And so I started asking her, I’m like, ‘Did the police do anything? Did they try to save their lives in Mexico? And she assured me of that. She was like, “Oh, sure. Of course they tried. And unfortunately it’s just, it’s too late. They’ve all passed.'”

As previously reported, the Mexico City Attorney General revealed that their deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Victor said People that he was positive the Airbnb listing mentioned the apartment had carbon monoxide detectors – but questioned whether or not they were working.

Such a tragic situation. We continue to keep Kandace, Jordan and Courtez’s families and friends in our thoughts at this time.

[Image via Kandace Florence/Facebook]

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