USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter tells the players they are going to Qatar

“You are going to Qatar.”
screenshot: ESPN

We have something that could make your day, weekend, or months, depending on how things are going in your life.

Yeah ok, it’s a bit staged, but I’m sick of it ESPN video which followed the announcement of the USMNT roster for the World Cup yesterday. You can lose sight of the fact that it’s simply the achievement of all these players and how big it is.

Weston McKennie, who has been a lock on this list for two years or so now and must have known, still can’t quite accept being told his dream has come true.

Josh Sargent, who must have thought his chances were gone with all the teams he didn’t qualify for, must be paralyzed with shock and glee.

Jordan Morris, who has blown out his knee twice and had one that cost him a trip to Europe, is clearly beat. They probably told him during a grueling rehab that all the work was for this, but did he really believe it at the time?

We think we know what it means to these boys, or that we care more than they do. But we really can’t. Anyway, I just like unbridled happiness.

(To see the full 26-man roster, click here.)

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