Matt Birk eats shit and then compares himself to Jesus

On election night, many right-wing politicians across the country had their dreams of riding a “red wave” into office swept by voters. One such loser was Matt Birk, the former Super Bowl-winning quarterback turned traditional GOP running gag, who, along with Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen, came under fire from Democratic officials. Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan received 52 percent of the vote, while Jensen and Birk received 44 percent.

When we last checked in with Birkis, he was on the campaign trail talking about how America promotes abortion by “telling women that they should have careers,” comparing abortion to slavery and saying that anti-abortionists “always want go to the rape map.” On Tuesday night, he was climbing the stage in a mostly empty room that had been decked out for a victory party, to deliver a concession speech.

“If we lost on abortion, an issue that was not on the ballot,” Birkir said. “If we lose because I’m pro-life, because I believe that every life has dignity, I’m fine with that.”

I’m fine with that too!

But on Friday, Birki still seems to be coming to terms with the loss.

Three days after his election defeat, Jesus had already begun his return. Three days after election day, Matt Birk is still a loser.

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