Megan Fox hits back at claim she ‘can’t buy a razor’

Not so hairy position.

After Megan Fox posted a belated Halloween photo on Instagram, one fan was left questioning her beauty routine. On Nov. 11, the actress shared a photo of herself and her fiance Kelly’s machine gun dressed up as Princess Zelda and the war elf Link from The Legend of Zelda video game license.

Megan’s sexy ensemble featured a burgundy crop top, thigh-high gold boots and a long white skirt with two slits that went all the way up her hips.

“All this money and she can’t buy a razor,” one fan commented on the post, referring to the star’s exposed skin. “She’s now off my ‘list’.”

Megan, 36, was quick to correct that what the fan thought might have been an unshaven bikini line was actually ink.

“Are you mistakenly referring to my tattoo?” she clapped back. “Anyway, I’m devastated to be off your list. Was hoping you’d have me.”

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