Stephen A. Smith says 1 QB is now out of the NFL MVP race

(Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

It didn’t take long for Stephen A. Smith to knock one NFL quarterback out of the MVP race.

Although the season is barely halfway through, Smith believes one quarterback no longer has a chance.

Smith, who is known for his critical images, is seeing something that very few other experts see.

So which NFL quarterback is currently saying he’s out of the NFL MVP race?

Stephen A. Smith knocks Josh Allen out of the MVP race

With Josh Allen, Smith believes the Buffalo Bills quarterback “is out of the MVP race.”

He went further by saying, “he’s not even a part of it” when referring to the MVP race.

His case for ejecting Allen is his 6-3 record.

Smith points out how Allen was directly to blame for those three losses.

His interceptions in the losses to the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets cost his team the win.

While those turnovers changed the outcome of those games, he also talks about his absence against the Miami Dolphins.

However, he doesn’t completely discard Allen, as he still believes that he is “a total stud.”

But his mistakes lead him to be “suspicious” of Allen this season as an MVP candidate.

While Bills fans may still believe that Allen is still in the MVP race, Smith is seeing the issues coming from his recent play.

Interceptions are becoming an issue as he has six interceptions in his last three games.

If Allen continues to make these costly mistakes, it won’t just be an MVP race he loses.

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