Details of plan to ‘bury’ top star and end his run, former world champion called ‘immature’ for controversial comments

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup, where we aim to bring you the biggest rumors and updates from the world of sports entertainment. In today’s edition, we will look at some exciting stories involving top names like Drew McIntyre, GUNTHER and Braun Strowman.

Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER has been booked strong since Triple H took over as creative director. However, the original plan was for him to be ‘buried’ on SmackDown and send him packing to NXT. Apart from that, we will also take a look at the main praise Drew McIntyre is getting backstage.

#3. Drew McIntyre receives praise for his work in WWE

PWInsider has reported that the former WWE Champion is being praised for his commitment to the company. McIntyre has been working a busy schedule despite being sick with the flu.

It was reported that McIntyre felt bad before his match against Karrion Kross at Crown Jewel but refused to retire.

“There were some who praised Drew McIntyre for his commitment to the company when he went from the US to Germany and Switzerland for Smackdown shows, then to the Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, then to India to film what was described as a ‘movie’ role” that the company set up with Sony, then flew back to the US to work the Smackdown taping, then two live events, so he was on the road for several weeks straight for WWE-related appearances.

The Scottish Warrior has grown to become one of the most reliable superstars in WWE today. Not only does he continue to produce quality matches inside the ring, but his attitude towards his work also shows how hardworking and dedicated he is.

#2. Backstage heat on Braun Strowman

The Monster of All Monsters seems to have come under management’s radar after his comments against certain wrestlers on Twitter. Fightful Select has declared his fever to be legal. While he has behaved well backstage, his comments on social media have not gone down well with some.

One person Fightful spoke to called Strowman’s actions immature. The former world champion took to Twitter to suggest the high-flying superstars, calling them “flippy-floppers” and saying that “Giants and Monsters” like him are better than the smaller superstars. He has since deleted that Tweet, which was probably made in jest.

#1. GUNTHER was supposed to be ‘buried’ and sent back to NXT

WrestleVotes has revealed that former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was not a fan of GUNTHER. He had been hurt by the former NXT UK Champion and wanted to “bury” him before sending him back to NXT.

Speaking to GiveMeSport, they also revealed that GUNTHER is now “safe” because Triple H likes him and is a big fan.

The report stated that McMahon “seemed rightly wanting to bury him”. Surprisingly, McMahon didn’t like GUNTHER as the superstar was doing great training to cut his weight on Vince McMahon’s orders. Many superstars have truly benefited from Triple H taking over, and it seems the IC Champion is one of them.

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