Joseph Lasiri looks to be quite the adventure story by becoming a two-weight world champion

His heart has never wavered and his current three-fight winning streak is the result of years of hard training under some of the most respected names in his native Italy, but also in Thailand.

Now, at the age of 31, he has the opportunity to do something only a select band of martial artists will ever do – hold titles in two weight classes simultaneously.

Standing in his way is Rodtang, a man who is already a legend in his own right. A fighter who had more than 250 wins by the time he was 21, he has held the ONE Flyweight Championship in Muay Thai for more than three years and has never been defeated at the position.

Lasiri’s win over Prajanchai was a surprise, a win this weekend would be a shocker.

“I see the struggle in different ways,” he explained. “I see Joseph Lasiri winning easily. I see Joseph Lasiri working hard until the last round with more difficulties than winning. I see Joseph Lasiri [as someone who is] not ready for this fight. I see many scenarios in my mind and I try to focus on the good, the easy. When you enter the fight, try to fight him, try to play poker with him. There are many things in my mind, it is very difficult to explain. But me, I’ve been training Muay Thai for more than 15 years, 20 years, so I’m ready for anything in the ring.”

Collecting one title catapulted Lasiri to stardom, but he believes another would further solidify his position in the sport and inspire those around him and his followers around the world.

“What I’m really looking forward to is going there to do my job and make it an opportunity to be an inspiration to my team, my family and the people around me,” he said. “Because they said, sadly, sometimes you can only be an inspiration when you bring the gold.” When you don’t bring the gold, sometimes people forget you, but that’s not my problem. But if I bring the gold, I’m sure more people will listen to me, my story, my work so I want it. I want to win this belt and challenge myself first, and be proud of myself, and try everything, to make this opportunity to be an inspiration to all the people who follow me.”

When it comes to game planning, Lasiri is focusing on allowing Rodtang to emerge and then exploiting any gaps with counterattacks.

“Everybody knows Rodtang, for me it’s great but I’m focused on training to go into the cage and stay focused on my job and get the job done. You have to expect Rodtang forward, you can’t beat Rodtang technically. But what is more convenient? Does Rodtang fight forward or does Rodtang fight technically. For me, I feel more comfortable fighting Rodtang if it’s in the front. So, the game plan is to make Rodtang mad and then he’ll come to me.”

In defeating Prajanchai, Lasiri forced his opponent to retire between rounds and it’s a scenario he wants to see play out again this weekend.

“My dream is when I fight Rodtang he will be like Prajanchai. He comes back to the corner and he doesn’t come back to do the next round. This is my best dream and I see it often.”

We can see if he succeeds in that wish this weekend.

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