A Holocaust denier from France was arrested in Scotland after two years on the run

Vincent Reynouard, a convicted French Holocaust denier, has been arrested near Edinburgh after two years on the run, police said.

Investigators from the French Office for Hate Crimes and Crimes against Humanity have been working with Scottish officials to detain the 53-year-old since 2020.

Reynouard was most recently convicted under French anti-Nazi laws for a series of anti-Semitic posts and videos on social media. He was sentenced to four months in prison in November 2020 and an additional six months in prison in January 2021.

Reynouard appeared before magistrates in Edinburgh on Thursday and a French court confirmed France was seeking his extradition.

Based in the UK Campaign against anti-Semitism has welcomed the arrest, describing Reynouard as “a despicable Holocaust denier who has been repeatedly convicted by French courts”.

The non-profit said he was reportedly living in the UK and working as a private tutor.

He added that his first conviction for Holocaust denial was in 1991 for distributing pamphlets denying the existence of gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps.

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