A Primary Care Collaborative conference will highlight efforts to advance the field

November 16, 2022

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Disclosures: Greiner is president and CEO of the Primary Care Collaborative.

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This year’s annual healthcare conference will be held in person starting in December. 14 to 15 in Washington, DC

The conference is a forum for leaders to discuss efforts to advance health care by implementing recommendations from a recent National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) report.

Chair and CEO of the Primary Care Collaborative Ann GreinerMCP, spoke with Healio about the goals of the conference, what events she’s looking forward to, and how attendees can prepare to fully participate with their peers.

Healio: What are your goals for? conference?

Greiner: The goals of the conference are to highlight leaders from both the public and private sectors who seek to advance healthcare by implementing recommendations in [NASEM] report.

They span many different areas – payment, access, care, technology and measurement. We’re going to have speakers on each topic and really be able to highlight all the ways the community is coming together around these proposals.

Healio: Is there anything you’re particularly excited about?

Greiner: I am excited about the many things that are happening in terms of digital innovation to support healthcare. We have a great speaker, Aneesh Chopra, MPP. He was previously chief technology officer at the White House. I think he’s going to be incredibly inspiring. And then we’re going to have entrepreneurs who are part of an innovation base, both on the technology side and the payment side, that conference attendees can go and talk to and learn more about how they’re advancing and inventing healthcare.

The second is just all the ways that entrepreneurs are changing how we pay for primary care and how much we pay for primary care, and that’s important because they’re better positioned to improve patient health, reduce disparities in care, and begin to reduce cost curve. Payment is such an important lever to reinvent healthcare. Among the speakers on this topic Doug Jacobs MD, MPH, Chief Innovation Officer at CMS; Elizabeth Mitchell, President and CEO of the Health Buyers Group; and others.

Healio: What do you hope the attendees will withdraw from the conference?

Greiner: I hope they take away a sense of excitement about what is possible, some practical advice on how to go about implementing such changes, that they are not alone – that there is a whole community of people working to try to transform health care and succeed—and that we come together for the work ahead in 2023, 2024, and beyond.

Healio: Is there anything you would recommend to help participants prepare?

ArtHiwhere: There are summaries of all the main recommendations in [NASEM] report, and they are available for free on the NASEM website. I would look at these recommendations, see how much you agree with them, and be ready to fully participate in the conversation. If you are one of the leaders helping to put these recommendations into place, join us so the community can learn from you and vice versa.

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