Health Canada approves Johnson & Johnson contact lenses for the treatment of nearsightedness

November 15, 2022

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Health Canada has approved Johnson & Johnson Vision’s Acuvue Ability Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management, the company announced in a press release.

According to the release, the orthopedic lenses are meant to be worn overnight and are designed to match a patient’s unique corneal shape and prescription to temporarily reshape the cornea. Health Canada approved Acuvue Ability 1-day soft therapeutic lenses for myopia management in September 2021.

Abiliti overnight dental contact lenses are now approved in Canada. Source: Adobe Stock

“Johnson & Johnson Vision is helping to address the dramatic increase in myopia by bringing new products, services and solutions to help manage the disease and give families a chance for better eye health in the future.” Chandra Mickles, OD, MS, FAAO, FSLS, Professional training in North America for myopia at Johnson & Johnson Vision, the release said. “With Abiliti Overnight lenses and Abiliti 1-Day lenses, we add to our growing range of Abiliti products to help change the course of myopia.”

Providers can upload refraction, iris diameter, and corneal topography data into the FitAbiliti software for appropriate lens design. The company reports a 90% relevant success rate.

The Abiliti lenses, which will be available in both myopia control and myopia control for astigmatism designs, are now available in select parts of Canada, according to the release.

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