Iconic ‘A Christmas Story’ house goes up for sale – no asking price – National

There’s nothing like a little Christmas nostalgia, and this real estate listing has it in spades.

The Cleveland, Ohio home where moviegoers first saw Ralphie Parker dressed as a pink bunny is on the market.

That’s right: the house from the iconic 1983 holiday film A Christmas story is for sale.

The home does not have a minimum set price.  Rather, interested buyers are asked to write an essay on why they want to own the home and collection.

The home does not have a minimum set price. Rather, interested buyers are asked to write an essay on why they want to own the home and collection.

Courtesy / A Christmas Story House & Museum

But it’s not just the house that went on the market — the home is part of an all-inclusive package deal A Christmas story campus, including the nearby Bumpus House, a museum, and an exact replica of the 1939 Ford LaFrance fire truck used in the film.

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“I’m looking for the right buyer,” owner Brian Jones, 47, told NBC affiliate WKYC in Cleveland. “It’s something you don’t just own, you have to take care of.”

Jones told NBC that he has been obsessed with the film for most of his life. Years ago, he learned that his eyesight would hinder his ability to become a Navy pilot, and to lift his spirits, his parents sent him a leg lamp similar to the one “Major Award” Old Man Parker displayed in the home.

Many of the film's prized possessions, including Ralphie Parker's Red Ryder and Old Man Parker's foot lamp, are used to decorate the home.

Many of the film’s prized possessions, including Ralphie Parker’s Red Ryder and Old Man Parker’s foot lamp, are used to decorate the home.

Courtesy / A Christmas Story House & Museum

He began making his own replica floor lamps, and a year later his wife emailed him to let him know the Cleveland home was on the market. He bought the home in 2004 for $150,000.

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This time, it is not expected to be such a bargain.

Although there is no minimum price listed for the house and surrounding properties, Realtor Chad Whitmer told WKSU he expects offers in the eight-figure range.

The bump house.

Courtesy / A Christmas Story House & Museum

People can apply to buy the house, but an automated response fires back saying “no list price for this opportunity. We are simply putting it out there and letting the market decide.”

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Interested buyers are then asked to “make an offer” and submit information about themselves, their background, their wealth and funds for the purchase and a “theme” essay entitled: Why I Want to Buy a Christmas Story House and Museum.

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The home was built in 1895 and nearly demolished before Jones bought it and spent years restoring it to movie-worthy splendor.

The previous owner lovingly restored the home and reinstated many of the original artefacts from the film.

Courtesy / A Christmas Story House & Museum

“Obviously a new owner can do what they want, like with anything,” Whitmer told WKSU. “But given what it is and the price it will sell for, it would be hard to believe that anyone would spend that kind of money and turn it back into a residence.”

The person who buys the home could have a real money business on their hands. It is the fourth most popular tourist attraction in Cleveland, according to TripAdvisor, and has close to 100,000 visitors each year.

“Wall-to-wall stories throughout, this delightful classic is both spacious and intimate. Nostalgically updated with slightly antique appliances, you’re sure to be the talk of the town when you own this world-famous house and museum based on a beloved Christmas movie,” the listing says.

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Ralphie and Randy two single beds.

Courtesy / A Christmas Story House & Museum

According to People , Jones recently started renting out rooms in both A Christmas story House and Bumpus House. Prices for renting a private loft on the third floor of the main house start at $525 per night, or people can rent either the Hound Dog Haven or Stolen Turkey suites at the Bumpus House (sorry, no dogs included or allowed) starting at $195 per night. night

The lease and sale of the building came just days before the HBO Max sequel’s release A Christmas storythe name Christmas story Christmas.

People says Peter Billingsley will reprise his role as Ralphie Parker, but instead of the Red Ryder air rifle he once was, this time he’s a grown father of two who returns to his childhood home after his death. father

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Christmas story Christmas out on HBO Max Nov. 17. No Canadian streaming date has been announced at this time.

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