“Tourist Rohit Sharma would benefit India much more”

Former Pakistan opener Salman Butt feels that Team India captain Rohit Sharma should not be taken seriously for his blunders in the recently concluded T20 World Cup 2022.

Butt, however, felt it was important for the Indian skipper to get in better shape. He claimed that Sharma will be able to contribute more to his team’s success if he works on his fitness.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he explained:

“Rohit Sharma is a world-class player. It’s just that he didn’t have a song in the T20 World Cup. He also didn’t look very good and looked slow and dull on the field. But he is a top player.”

Butt continued:

“It doesn’t mean he is not capable. Despite not being in top form, he has played some exceptional shots recently. A fitter Rohit Sharma would benefit India a lot more.”

While the Indian team made it to the semi-finals of the exhibition tournament, Sharma was criticized by many for his underwhelming batting. The right-hander scored 116 runs from six matches at 106.42.

The star batsman struggled in the semi-final against England, managing just 27 runs in 28 balls in a crucial tie. Several fans questioned his approach and accused him of wasting the power play.

“It depends on how the team management wants to use him” – Salman Butt on possibility of Suryakumar Yadav playing as an opener in T20Is

Answering a fan’s question about Suryakumar Kumar Yadav’s innings opener in T20 cricket, Butt highlighted how the dynamic batsman is capable of scoring runs at a furious pace even when there are no pitch restrictions.

The 38-year-old felt that India should not change the opening pair of Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul after just one dismal campaign. He added:

“The way he bats in the middle, it seems the powerplay is still on. But it all depends on how the management wants to use him. A bad outing doesn’t mean India’s opener is not good enough.”

Interestingly, Suryakumar was elevated to the opener in the absence of KL Rahul during India’s five-match T20I series against West Indies. The seamer amassed 135 runs in four matches and finished as the leading run-getter in the rubber.

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