We are reviewing Mac Cosmetics X Black Panther makeup

1. What were your first thoughts on the collection?:

I was surprised at how many different items there were – especially the different lipstick shades. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the individual package and there were tons of matte lipsticks to choose from. I also loved the darker and bolder colors in this collection.”

2. What were your thoughts on each product you used?:

For eyeliner I used the purple Wakanda Proud liquid liner and it was very easy to use. I’m usually someone who doesn’t use liquid eyeliner, but this was easier than I thought. I had to go over it a few times to get the purple to pop against the smoky eye look I created with the Feline Eye Kohl Pencil.”

For the lips I used the Story of Home creme lipstick and absolutely loved it. For my everyday makeup look, I usually use a matte lipstick, but I chose this one because it’s very close to the everyday color I’m going for. I ended up loving this creme lipstick because it was very moisturizing and smooth when applied. I applied two coats to make the lipstick really stand out.”

I used the Royal Challenge highlighter which was the lighter of the two highlighters in this collection. The highlighter took several layers before it showed up on my skin tone. The texture was nice and I would definitely consider using it again! I’ve never really used highlighter before, so this was a great first one to use.”

3. Final thoughts:

“Overall, I was very impressed with the colors in this Black Panther line. I’ve worn purple eyeliner and mascara before, so I was excited to incorporate purple into the elevated casual look I created with this collection.” My favorite product was the Story of Home lipstick because I loved the color and how moisturizing it felt on my lips.

As far as using items again, I would definitely use the lipstick and highlighter again, especially in my everyday makeup look. I think I would use these two products the most.

As Marvel Oath Black Panther fan, I really enjoyed seeing how the movies and stories inspired this collection, and I think if you’re a makeup AND Marvel fan, it’s something worth checking out. I don’t think I personally would buy the whole set, but there are certain pieces that I loved that I think are worth the money.”

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