Zoe Kravitz says ‘Big Little Lies’ is ‘done’ after loss of director Jean-Marc Vallée

The lies may be coming to an end. In a video interview GQ, Zoe Kravitzwhich played Bonnie on Big Little Liessaid she doesn’t think there will be a season three of the hit HBO series following the death of executive producer and director Jean-Marc Vallée earlier this year: “I can’t imagine going on without him.”


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Big Little Lies starring Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and an Emmy Award Nicole Kidman as Monterey, California moms bound for life by a deadly secret. Oscar-nominated filmmaker behind projects such as Merchants Club of Dallas, Sharp objectsoath WildVallée directed the entire first season of big little lies, earned him two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Limited Series and Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series. For season two of the series, Vallée stepped down from the director’s chair and retired Andrea Arnold took over while still serving as executive producer. On December 21, 2021, Vallée died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 59.

Kravitz revealed that she didn’t believe the series would continue without Vallée while answering a fan question about when the beloved series would return. “I don’t think so,” she replied. “We talked a lot about doing a season 3. Sadly, Jean-Marc Vallée, our incredible director, passed away last year. It is shocking. I can’t imagine going on without him. He was really the visionary for that show. Unfortunately, it’s over.”

While Kravitz says the series is in its final stages, Witherspoon isn’t ready to let go just yet. In September, Witherspoon said that doing season three of the series was “a deep desire for all of us to connect and recreate these characters” for her. She went on to reveal that she and co-star Nicole Kidman talk about a possible new season of “ever,” and that her former production company, hello sunshine, “have a serious conversation about revisiting” the series.

As of now, HBO has not released any status statement Big Little Lies. But if that’s all she wrote, at least we got Renata to dance with Diana Ross“It’s my house”.

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