Kajol reveals why she initially refused to do Salaam Venky


When the script for the film penned by Sammeer Arora and Kausar Munir came her way, Kajol claimed that she thought it was “every parent’s worst nightmare”. She went on to say, “I refused the movie for three days. I was like, ‘I’m not doing this movie, I don’t want to do a movie where something happens to my kids.’ I can’t handle it. This is every parent’s worst nightmare, you wouldn’t even wish this on your enemy, it’s that kind of situation.

However, she said she eventually agreed because of Revathy who brought the magic alive with her story. “When I saw her first movie, I absolutely loved her. I had decided that if she ever approached me about a film—of course, I don’t have the courage to say no—she would be the kind of director I would love to work with. She has the ability to take situations and turn them into something extraordinary, in the most positive way possible. This is a serious topic that scares us. But she took this stuff and took the fear out of it. The film is about the celebration of life,” she said.


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