Pakistan’s Ahmed Mujtaba is all set to make a comeback after a 22-month absence

“I’m really excited, you know. It’s been a long time. Just can’t wait to step back in the cage, you know,” he said. “After fighting Rahul Raju, I had plans to go abroad, so I went to America, I went to AKA, American Kickboxing Academy. I went to my camp there for four and a half months and it went very well. I learned a lot of great things. It was one of the best camps I have ever been to.

“After that I went back to Pakistan and I continued my training and I feel there is a big difference in the training, I will return it on fight night. People will see a new Wolverine, with different abilities, with a different mentality and with a different power, you know.

Standing in his way for a dream comeback is Brazilian Abraao Amorin, who has only lost once in his last five fights, and had a solid ONE debut in April of this year when he scored a TKO win over Dae Song Park in the second round. Mujtaba is aware of his opponent’s ability with his hands, but also feels he has seen enough to be confident heading into the fight.

“Abraao is a good fighter overall,” he said. “He just tries to swing a lot of punches. In his last fight, the first round didn’t go very well, according to his plan. But in the second round he got the chance and won the fight, although it is a third degree black belt, but for me, I have trained with black belts and with the Russian national team, so I am ready for it.

“I don’t care who it is in front of me. I go to the cage and I have to smash and I will win, you know.”

Mujtaba believes his good game will have answers to any questions Abraao might throw at him and says he is ready for any challenge this weekend.

“For me, I don’t care if he wants to wrestle, I’ll wrestle him,” he explains. “If he wants to hit, I’ll hit with him, if he wants to do BJJ, I’ll do BJJ.” I’m ready in every aspect of this art, you know, because I’ve been training for a very long time, and I feel this energy inside me, and I just can’t wait for the date of the fight, you know. “

And a message to all his fans?

“All I want to say is Wolverine is back and I’m going to go put on the show.” And I just want to say to the fans in Singapore because people love me too, I want to say that I’m coming to Singapore and there will be fireworks. Just be prepared. And mark your calendars.”

ONE 163: Akimoto vs. Petchtonong: takes place on Saturday, November 19 at 14:00 GST at Singapore Indoor Stadium Arena, Singapore. This is a night not to be missed so mark your calendars, download the ONE Super app and visit now!

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