Top 3 MLB free agents this offseason

(Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The MLB free agency period is always a time when contending teams can find the next piece that puts them over the top.

This off-season, several superstars are up for grabs at the highest bidder.

Available free agents include former World Series Champions, All-Stars, Cy Young and MVP winners.

Here are the top three free agents this offseason.

1. Judge Aron

This one is a setup, with soon-to-be-named AL MVP Aaron Judge being the best player available on the open market.

A player of his caliber rarely comes around, but he made a bet on himself during his season and it’s about to pay off.

Judge led the American League in home runs (62), RBI (131), runs (133) and OPS (1.111) this season.

The 30-year-old slugger carried the New York Yankees to the AL East title and should be rewarded for his efforts.

The Yankees remain the favorite to re-sign Judge, but the dark horse team is the San Francisco Giants.

2. Jakob deGrom

The best pitcher available is Jacob deGrom.

Although he hasn’t been able to stay healthy in recent years, he’s dominant when he’s on the mound.

Last season deGrom threw 64.1 innings but had 102 strikeouts.

His ability to strike out has always made him great (14.3 K/9).

Where deGrom will sign remains a mystery.

But the New York Mets, Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers remain the favorites.

3. Trea Turner

In free agency full of shortstops, Trea Turner stands at the top of the pack.

The former Washington National and Los Angeles Dodger is looking for the big payday he deserves.

Turner is an elite hitter, who also has positional flexibility.

He is a first shortstop, who can play second base or even the outfield if needed.

Turner hit .298 with 21 home runs, 100 RBI and 27 stolen bases last season.

At 29 years old, the versatile star is a lucrative payday.

The Dodgers are expected to be joined by the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees in their pursuit of Turner.

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