Ravens HC allays any Lamar Jackson Week 11 concerns

(Photo: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

The Baltimore Ravens have an interesting quarterback.

An explosive, 50-year-old athlete, Lamar Jackson often misses practices and games due to illness.

However, while he missed training due to illness, it looks like he should be fit for action on Sunday.

The public is currently unaware of the type of illness Jackson has been suffering from this week.

However, the Ravens seem confident he’ll be back to his usual self on Sunday, when they’ll roll him out against the Carolina Panthers.

His medical history

Jackson is known to miss quite a bit of practice due to illness.

In fact, during the 2021 NFL season, he contracted COVID-19 on two separate occasions.

In 2020, he left the field in the fourth quarter of a Monday Night Football game against the Cleveland Browns.

While Jackson insisted he didn’t have Paul Pierce-like symptoms (we’ll let you do your research on this whole issue), this was just another example of him missing time due to injury or illness.

Whether Jackson is dealing with an illness or not, it’s clear that the Ravens need him on the field for their best chance at victory.

When Jackson missed five games during the 2021 NFL season, the Ravens had a 1-4 record.

With Jackson they were 7-5.

The Ravens have yet to put it together in a full season with Jackson at the helm.

After their strong 6-3 start to the 2022 campaign, let’s see if Jackson can lead the Ravens to a deep playoff run this year.

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