Blueface’s assassination attempt stems from a bad joke

BluefaceThe attempted murder charge reportedly stemmed from a bad joke that led to a fight at a strip club that ended with the rapper shooting a pickup truck.

Authorities say the joke enraged members of Blueface’s crew, who began hitting the man “repeatedly,” the report said.

The victim allegedly made a bad joke to the Blueface crew, an attack on the Sparking Strip Club

The court documents went on to say the victim fled toward his truck, telling police he believed Blueface and his crew thought he was “going for a gun,” prompting Blueface to open fire on the man’s truck as he sped off the scene.

The victim suffered a “bullet wound” to his left hand, where cops found multiple bullet holes in his truck.

Just one day after Blueface was arrested for aggravated attempted murder, video footage emerged of the alleged shooting in question, The shadow room previously reported. In the video, Blueface can be seen leaving a club in Las Vegas just before a pickup truck arrives.

According to TMZ, Blueface allegedly fired multiple shots at the truck. Local sources said the man driving the truck was said to have been attacked by Blueface’s men before leaving the club.

Video allegedly shows Blueface shooting a pickup truck after a fight at a nightclub

As previously reported, Chrisean Rock and Wack 100 appeared in court to appear to post Blue’s bond this morning.

The outlet cites local sources, who told TMZ that the unidentified driver had walked into the club earlier, where he was allegedly assaulted by the rapper’s crew.

It’s still unclear what sparked the alleged altercation, but the outlet reports that Blueface was not directly involved in the fight.

After the altercation at the club, the man ran back to his truck and stopped Blueface and his crew as they were leaving.

Blueface arrested in Las Vegas for attempted murder, no bail offered at this time

The man then asked “Who hit me?!” just before shots rang out, causing the truck to take off.

As The Shade Room reported Tuesday, the rapper was arrested in Las Vegas and taken to the Clark County Detention Center for aggravated attempted murder with a deadly weapon or tear gas.

According to VibeBlueface is expected to be released soon on $50,000 bail, with the rapper agreeing to have no contact with the victim, stay in touch with his lawyers and stay out of trouble.

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