How far can Canada go at the World Cup?

Soccer fans are already counting down to the World Cup in Qatar. Live football matches with the best players in the world are always exciting. Held every four years, the World Cup will continue to drive people crazy around the world. This year is special for Canada. Canada’s men’s national team is wrapping up practice for the World Cup with just days to go before it kicks off. This is the first time in 36 years that a Canadian team has qualified for the World Championships.

The national team had reached the competition once, in 1986; therefore, a brand new group of supporters are getting ready to support them as they compete in the premier soccer competition.

Qatar is the host of this year’s tournament and on November 20, Qatar will face Ecuador in the opening match of the tournament. According to an poll, Canada is the second favorite to win the World Cup in Qatar after Brazil. Despite the slim chances that the bookmarks give Canada, 86.5 percent are confident of making it through the group stage.

So, will Canada win it all? Well, let’s take a closer look at what this World Cup entails and what the odds are for Canada to win.

Canada at the FIFA World Cup: Through the years

If you look at the statistics of the last World Cup, it is not so promising for Canada. In 1986, Canada’s soccer team participated in the FIFA World Cup. Looking back to 1986, the football team had no star players. And in the opening game they showed frustration; however, the match ended with a 1-0 loss to European champions France. But after that defeat, the Canadian team lost two more games by a score of 2-0 against Hungary and the Soviet Union, and thus was eliminated from the competition in Mexico.

After a 36-year absence, Canada qualified for 2022 for the second time. All this is the result of an incredible era of talent, nurtured by coach John Herdman and star players Alphonso Davies, Buchanan and David.

Canada at the World Cup: 2022

Canada is in Group F, which includes two powerful European countries, Croatia and Belgium, and African team Morocco. This group is by far one of the strongest and toughest. Croatia made it to the finals of the 2018 World Cup, so it can be tough to play against them.

Croatia are considered favorites to win the group, but Belgium are not far behind as their squad is loaded with great class players. However, there are some reservations about whether Morocco can give their best and win the group stage. However, they have great players.

The Canadian national team is strong and was devastating throughout the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. In addition to playing Belgium, Canada must face Croatia immediately following the Belgium game. In order for Canada to advance these two games, they must either win or tie one of their two games.

What are the odds that Canada will win the World Cup?

The world is closely watching the underdogs in such competitions. Everyone likes a good story of underdogs overcoming all odds to succeed. Canada is considered one of, if not the biggest underdog. The question is, however, can Canada handle this? Their team has got a good mix of young and experienced players. Fans around the world are sure to find a Canadian favorite to relate to due to the country’s multicultural lineup.


Canada’s odds of winning the 2022 World Cup are better than ten other nations, including regulars South Korea, Japan, Cameroon, South Korea and Ghana. In addition, they are selected over hosts Qatar, Iran, Costa Rica, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. There is speculation as to whether they will make it past the group stages. According to the polls, Brazil was rated as the most likely to win the 2022 World Cup.

The grant

Canada’s greatest asset is its unity. The team has shown in recent years that it is capable of playing the way it wants to and doing it successfully as a unit. Because of their quick players like Alphonso Davies and prolific forwards like Cyle Larin and Jonathan David, they will take advantage of every opportunity their opponents present. The defense has been surprisingly strong and the midfield has proved strong enough to control the pace of the game. Additionally, this is Canada’s most skilled team in a very long time.

The weakness

The Canadian team’s biggest flaw may be its lack of World Cup experience. How this will fare against playing on the biggest stage is hard to predict.

How far will Canada go?

One can expect to see Canada make a big splash and defy the odds based on their current performances, form and history in the qualifiers. The prospect of Canada making it out of Group F at the 2022 World Cup should be viewed with cautious optimism. If all goes well, they could easily move into second place and advance to the Round of 16. Unfortunately, it would not be easy to continue in the race after that. However, you never know!

With the World Cup also comes betting season. In the world of gambling there can be ups and downs; however, you can safely bet that the football competition will undoubtedly draw tons of money from gamblers around the world. The bets are expected to play more than 136 billion euros. However, it is advised that before placing your bet it is important to get your facts from reliable sources.



For the past 36 years, Canada has patiently waited for this moment. The fact that the men’s national team is competing at the World Cup for only the second time has raised the nation’s interest before the tournament. In 1986, Canada was considered a hockey nation; today it is known as a nation with an unbridled love for football.

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