A few good teams showed they are not Super Bowl contenders

Kirk Cousins ​​gets hit.

Kirk Cousins ​​gets hit.
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Turkey/Genocide Day is upon us. On Thursday, those of us who can afford to participate will feast on food and drink, and by sundown we’ll forget any reason we ever thought to be thankful for on the most American of all holidays.

Since we’re celebrating food and violence, why not remove some NFL teams from serious playoff consideration? Each conference now has seven playoff spots, so there’s plenty of room for an average team in a tough, salary-heavy sport to sneak into America’s Winter Showcase.

However, even if the NFL playoffs are a one-shot, for most of the 14 participants, it would make more sense for them to plan a spectacular February vacation than a trip to the Super Bowl. A vacation only costs money and timely planning. Super Bowl trips require postseason teams to make their biggest mistakes on a worldwide broadcast.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and now is a good time to let certain football fans know that their pie is on the table, not in the sky.

Minnesota Vikings fans, we can’t believe you

I enjoyed Kyle Brandt’s skit with him and Kirk Cousins built strong flavor, absolutely. It still didn’t give me any confidence that the Minnesota Vikings would be able to knock off the Dallas Cowboys at home yesterday.

For several years, the Vikings had lost an embarrassing number of one-goal games. Not being able to turn any of them in their favor is why they haven’t made the playoffs since Kirk Cousins ​​arrived.

In 2022, the Vikings’ one-point luck has been an almost weekly version of bird poop landing on your least-favorite neighbor’s car, while yours shines in the limited hours of autumn sun, after DST.

On Sunday, the Vikings’ fortunes took a different turn, as they were swept by Dallas. In a 40-3 loss, they were never on par with a team that ran Tony Pollard screen passes — and other short passing routes — to victory. Dak Prescott didn’t have to lift any of the 50/50 balls that Cousins ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​in week 10 to lead the Cowboys to a big victory.

The G-Men were no match for Grit

Daniel Jones has been huffing and puffing and stumbling all year long to lead the New York Giants to one of the NFL’s best records in 2022. With the general manager who drafted him fired last season, if Jones doesn’t show anything but his best fall short of an explosive, at worst turnover-laden, offense, his NFL future wouldn’t look bright for a top-10 2019 NFL Draft pick.

The Detroit Lions came to MetLife Stadium with their own once highly touted, now disappointing quarterback in Jared Goff. This former no. 1 overall pick out of Los Angeles just four years after taking the franchise to the Super Bowl.

Look at the passing yards, and when Jones throws for 124 more yards than he has all year — and 176 more yards than Goff — and it’s safe to assume the Giants will contend for the NFC Championship.

Watch the game and you’ll see teams (whose best win in 2022 was an eight-point win against the Houston Texans) go to the Lions early and never get back into the game. It’s one thing to lose to the Lions, it’s another to have them attack at home.

The back half of the AFC East, no thanks

New York Jets vs. The New England Patriots were delayed due to electrical problems at Gillette Stadium. Scott Hanson giving this information to the audience was more entertaining than the actual game.

The Jets tied the score at 3-all with nine minutes and 42 seconds left in the second quarter. Neither team scored again until the final 26 seconds of the game. The game would have been more entertaining if Bill Belichick and Robert Saleh controlled the game in the fourth quarter by going best-of-three in Oklahoma practices.

That return for a touchdown by the Patriots gave them the win in the waning seconds. The game was both exciting and it resonated throughout the league. Not only was it the best game of the Week 11 Witching Hour, but the Patriots also got the second foul play.

It also proved nothing that either of these teams will be able to produce in the playoffs.

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