A type 1 diabetes drug is priced at $194,000

Good morning everyone and welcome to another work week. We hope the weekend break was refreshing and rejuvenating, because that predictable routine of online meetings and deadlines is back. However, it will be a shortened work week on this side of the pond due to a party coming up. In fact, we are going to disappear for a few days and in our place some colleagues will toil on our behalf. In the meantime, we’re brewing a cup of stimulation – our pick today is a blueberry cobbler – and sending over our latest menu of small dishes to help you get started. We hope your day is productive and fulfilling. And for those who will similarly disappear later this week, remember that if you want to end wars and stuff, you gotta sing loud. And so we leave you with this….

Experts predict anti-obesity drugs to be the next blockbuster drug class, equivalent to the 1980s revolution in treating high blood pressure, the Financial Times tells us. Most health experts say the drugs should have a very positive effect on patients with obesity, a disease that can have devastating health effects and is largely untreated. But the struggle to bring to market a new generation of drugs to tackle obesity – a disease that affects about 650 million people worldwide – has unnerved some critics, who warn of their potential abuse and side effects.

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