A walk a day keeps the doctor away

McNally’s article is a timely reminder that everyone is responsible for their own health.1 Those who are able should try to engage in regular exercise, the benefits of which have been known for centuries. Given that fetal medicine is in decline, replacing inclusive care where the patient is directly involved in their own treatment2, all healthcare providers should take the opportunity to reinforce the benefits of regular exercise. It is well known that regular physical activity acts as a primary prevention against disease, improves longevity, reduces morbidity3 and reduces health care expenditure4 due to its effect on all-cause mortality. Conversely, physical inactivity causes disease through different physiological and pathological mechanisms. Physiological science has improved the art of exercise prescription by identifying the aspects of aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance activity that will have the greatest impact on health.5 But this can be overwhelming for busy clinicians. and their patients. A simple message likeā€¦

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