‘Lifelong Christian’ Hilarie Burton calls out Candace Cameron Bure after Colorado Springs massacre

Hilary Burton is not moving away from his position on Candace Cameron Bure!

As you know, CCB – whose entire brand is based on being a good person – is not so good at times. After her hurtful comment that “traditional marriage” is best for her genre of Christmas movies (and then blaming the media for repeating the words that came out of her mouth), she’s not a happy Christmas RV right now!

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She’s basically given people a hard time with her out-of-date comments — and plenty of celebrities have come forward to speak out against her statement. One of the first to call Fuller house The star was Hilarie, and she’s not taking it! Not long after the initial comment was made, it caught on Twitter to express his disgust at the eyebrow-raising comment:

“Big one. I don’t remember Jesus liking a hypocrite like Candy. But sure. Make your money, baby. You ride this wave of prejudice all the way to the bank.”

The Height of one tree alum also addressed the former Main sign CEO Bill Abbottridiculous statement about being “aware of trends”:

“Now they are just openly admitting their bigotry. I called this out years ago when Abbott was on Hallmark. Good thing they dumped him. Being LGTBQ is not a “trend”. That guy and his network are disgusting. You too Candy. There is nothing unusual about same-sex couples.”

Get going, Hil!

And now, after the horrific news of the mass shooting at Colorado’s LGBTQ+ friendly community in Colorado Club Q which left 5 dead and 25 injured, Burton is putting Bure and Great American family television on a bomb for their hatred. On Sunday, the 40-year-old tweeted:

“THIS! This is why we have to speak out against bigotry of any kind — even the “amn’t-I-not-cute-girl-next-door” bullies — that I called out last week. Bigotry @GAfamilyTV is the most dangerous kind . It normalizes exclusion under the guise of ‘protecting traditional values.'”

In another tweet, she continued:

“This is the excuse of white German women in the 1930s. It’s a dog whistle to protect white supremacy. So when Candy and Bill Abbott and GAF ​​want to “protect traditional values” from LGBTQ influence? This is what happens. Look no further than the comments left by their fan base.

It’s so heartbreaking that this argument even needs to be made… it’s 2022, folks!

The Grey’s Anatomy the actress is also not attacking anyone’s religion and she wants to make that clear. She evokes outrageous bigotry:

“I never said a word about Christianity. News: I am a lifelong Christian. But the sheer number of people who found the courage to post their bigotry – to live forever on the internet – was all the evidence you needed.”

Finishing each thread, which White collar star left everyone with a powerful statement:

“To the people of Colorado Springs, I am heartbroken and sending you love and fierce support. To my LGBTQ friends? I love you. You are perfect and made in God’s image and you deserve to be included. To the greats? Your ‘traditional values’ killed at least five people last night.”


See the thread (below):

Very well said. Our hearts continue to be with the families of the victims. May they rest in peace.

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