Carey Mulligan Reveals How She Got Steven Spielberg to Direct Marcus Mumford’s Music Video – Watch Now!

Carey Mulligan is downplaying his Hollywood connections!

Meanwhile appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (November 21), the 37-year-old actress revealed how she and her husband Marcus Mumford could go Steven Spielberg making his debut as a music video director Marcus‘ song “Cannibal.”

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It all started earlier this year already Carey worked on maestro with Bradley Cooperwhich Stefan is executive production. She found out before Stefan and his wife Kate Capshaw were big fans Mumford and Sonsso she decided to send the couple Marcus‘ Debut solo album.

“Not long after that we got a video of Steven and Kate dancing in their kitchen to one of the songs,” Carey said. “And it was so wonderful and they were so supportive and so sweet.”

months later, Carey said Marcus was crazy about making the music video for “Cannibal”, so he came up with an interesting idea.

“He goes, ‘We really need a video, and I had this idea, and would it be crazy if like … would it be really rude if we ask Steven?’ And I was like, ‘Steven – I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Steven Spielberg? ” Carey recalled.

In July, Carey asked Stefan to direct the music video and he agreed!

“They [Marcus and Steven] get on the phone and the next day they were looking for places,” Carey added.

You can watch the “Cannibal” music video here!

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