Cathedral Heights video of woman repeatedly calling Uber driver a racist slur sparks outrage

An unidentified Uber customer has been banned from the platform after criticizing a driver on Wednesday morning. The aforementioned woman used racial slurs against the black driver and attacked him as well. Netizens have since taken to social media to express their disgust over the incident.

The shocking incident took place in front of the Cathedral Heights building on Wisconsin Avenue near the National Cathedral in Washington DC.

The Twitter account Washingtonian Problems uploaded a video of the incident that took place in the DC metropolitan area. In the video, you can see a jeep parked on the street with the rear passenger door open. The woman and the man can also be seen arguing on the sidewalk.

In the video, the woman can be heard shouting:

“Your phone was not connected!”

The Uber driver hit back by replying with “F**k out of my face”.

Then the customer said:

“I hire you, I’m your boss.”

The Uber driver is then seen raising his hand and trying to signal to the woman that she is invading his personal space. However, she continued to yell at him saying:

“I’m your goddamn boss, you little s**t. n****r.”

The driver then confronts her customer by saying, “You’re rude,” to which she responds, “I’m miserable? You are a slave.”

In Washington, DC: A white woman repeatedly calls her Uber driver a “nigger” and a “slave” after he told her to get out of his face “I hire you. I’m your boss.”

While yelling at the man that her phone battery was low, she continued to taunt:

“I asked for a phone charger you bloody ignorant man.

The video ends with the woman hurling another racial slur and shoving the man.

Netizens react to video of Uber customer using racial slur

Netizens were outraged to see the woman’s behavior. Many were stunned and sympathized with the driver. Several netizens were eager to find out personal information about the woman in hopes of getting her fired from her job. However, no such information was released at the time of writing.

A few tweets read:

@WashProbs Look at how calmly the two white women strolled through a hate crime without flinching. It speaks even louder than the woman screaming with violence.

@WashProbs I can’t even fully watch this. This is actually a neighborhood I know quite well. This is devastating. Twitter, please do your part. WOW.

@WashProbs Let each employer know about their employee’s behavior and ask if these actions align with their values.

@WashProbs There’s nothing that could ever justify this except the fact that it’s because he wouldn’t give her his personal phone charger is still scary

@WashProbs I hope this woman loses her job (assuming she has one). Disgusting – the language, the dish, everything.

@WashProbs KKKaren will regret that phones even exist

Neighbors share information about racism

In an interview with News 4, Alex’s neighbor reported that officers ended up responding to the scene and spoke with the driver. However, the driver refused to file a complaint. She also revealed that an Uber driver was asked in a racist manner if she could use a phone charger. But when she couldn’t, she got angry. The driver then stopped and ended the trip. This is when the two got into an argument in the streets.

Alex added:

“I mean I wanted to make sure this guy was safe and I think it’s important to capture when people act like that and honestly to check on others.”

Neighbor Steve Mason also expressed disbelief at the incident that took place:

“We don’t know what happened before but it doesn’t matter. There is no demand for racism of any kind.”

Neighbor Jennifer Hightower said she was appalled that the woman used racial slurs even in 2022. She further added:

“We have so much more work to do.”

Uber confirmed in a statement that they do not condone such behavior and announced that they had banned the driver’s account on the ride-sharing platform.

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