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Image credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/MEGA

On the season finale of The Kardashiansthe crew went on a trip to Las Vegas which Kylie Jenner supported all members, Travis Scott at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2022. The couple were also accompanied by their daughter, Storm Webster, traveling. Kylie gave a rare insight into her family life on the show.

First, Kylie was fitted for her Balmain dress. “I like how it pulls me in.” I feel good,” she said. “It definitely takes me a while after I have a baby to get back into it. Like I’m still a mom, but I’m still young. These are the years I’m supposed to be naked everywhere on the street, or on the beach somewhere with my clothes off, a** out.”

kylie jenner travis scott
Kylie and Travis at the BBMAs. (Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/MEGA)

Going into the awards show, Kylie felt “really good” about her appearance. “I’m really looking for wife support, not the actual star of the night tonight,” she explained. “Our daughter is here with us to watch the show. I love whenever she can come with us. I have learned a lot from my mom and the importance of family. It’s the same for all of us – it’s all about family. We just have a very close relationship. I never force my daughter to do anything. I always give her the edge. But she is not leaving her mother. She gets it. She loves coming with me everywhere.”

Before the show, Kylie admitted that “any night [she] gets to see Travis perform, [she’s] there.” To wrap up the episode, she also teased a possible reveal of her second child’s name in the near future. “This year has been very transformative for me,” she said. “There are so many amazing things that I’m really excited about — just hanging out with my kids and really diving into my work. My baby’s name is still Wolf. I’ll let you know when I change it. Maybe I’ll tell you in the third season.”

Kylie jenner stormy west
Kylie with Stormi at the BBMAs. (gilbertflores@broadimage / MEGA)

Kylie gave birth in early 2022, and shortly after, she revealed that she and Travis named their son Wolf Webster. Weeks later, however, she admitted that they were inventing a new name for the baby. However, Wolf was already on the birth certificate. Kylie has said that she and Travis have given their son a new name, but haven’t yet legally changed it, so they’ve decided not to go public just yet.

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