Montreal TikTok star dances her way into Ubisoft’s ‘Just Dance 2023’

A Montreal dancer who rose to fame on TikTok is about to bring her infectious energy to living rooms across the country.

Angie Augustin, or Citron Rose as she’s known online, has recently become a huge part of Ubisoft’s phenomenal success. Just dance video game license.

She appeared in Just dance 2023a dance routine she choreographed herself.

“I feel like I’ll indirectly share great moments with people I don’t know because it’s a game you play with people you love,” she told Global News.

If there’s a gamer in your home, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of it Just dance. The franchise has sold tens of millions of copies worldwide. The player who does the best job of accurately imitating the dance moves of the dancer on the screen is the winner.

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“I used to play with my brother and sister when there was a birthday party at home or during holidays,” Augustin recalled with a smile. “We’d try to get mom to play.”

Augustin worked in the administrative department of a Montreal hospital until last year. When she started gaining fame on TikTok for her refreshing dance moves and humor, she quit her job to focus on content creation and dancing.

“I took a risk,” she said. “Mum wasn’t happy about it, but now she is.”

Her growing popularity landed her on stage with prominent Quebec rapper Sarahmée and began receiving endorsement deals.

One of the products she introduced was last year Just dance game.

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A year later, with over 650,000 followers and 23 million likes, Ubisoft asked her to create and choreograph for the game with Montreal as a backdrop.

“I’m the first local artist to create choreography for the game,” Augustin said. “I get more and more proud. There are no words for it.

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As she dances in your living room to Doja Cat’s hit “Woman,” she’s thrilled to be able to shine a light on the Afro dance style she loves so much and her own Haitian heritage.

“The fact that I’m a Haitian woman makes me feel like I represent the diversity of Montreal. I’m proud that like everyone in Canada will share that moment,” she said.

I hope that maybe I can inspire some people to jump into what they’ve always wanted to do, but never took the risk because they were afraid.”

The game is available now and its level is part of every copy in Canada.

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