Ukrainian Zelensky tells the UN about the horrors in Bucha

The Ukrainian leader used his speech at the UN not only to demand that Russian fighters and officials be prosecuted for war crimes, but to denounce the Security Council as an essentially useless body that, thanks to its design, had failed for decades to uphold peace around the country. the world.

“Where is the security that the Security Council is supposed to ensure?” he asked in disbelief.

The veto power that Russia has as one of the five permanent members of the 15-member Security Council has allowed the country to continue its campaign of violence and mass death in Ukraine without fear of international intervention, Zelensky said.

He called for either immediate reform of the Security Council to ensure fairer global representation and the lifting of Russia’s veto, or for the body to be dissolved altogether.

“Are you ready to close the UN?” he said. “Do you think the time of international law is over?” If your answer is no, then you need to act immediately.

Zelensky offered to hold an international conference in Kyiv to determine how to reform the global security system to prevent future violence elsewhere in the world.

“We must do everything in our power to bring an effective UN with the capacity to proactively respond to security challenges to the next generation,” he said.

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