Harry Kane protests for LGBTQI+ rights in Qatar

England captain Harry Kane staged his own protest against Qatar’s anti-LGBTQI+ community ahead of his men’s World Cup, it has emerged.

Kane and his national team suffered a major blow when, amid threats from FIFA, the captain scrapped plans to wear a rainbow armband for England’s opener against Iran.

Kane instead chose to wear a FIFA-approved armband with the inscription “No Discrimination” – clothing that addresses inequality and not homophobia specifically.


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However, it has since emerged that the striker was wearing a $950,000 Rainbow Rolex in the hours before England’s 6-2 win over Iran.

Photos from Getty Images show Kane wearing the watch as he led the team off the bus and as he inspected the pitch.

The captains of seven European teams opted not to wear the ‘one love’ armband after FIFA warned it could lead to bookings.

Former Socceroos captain Craig Foster blasted FIFA for its handling of the protests

“Disgraceful, ruthless decision by FIFA to threaten sanctions against players for advancing the fundamental rights of the LGBTI community in Qatar and globally,” Foster tweeted.

“I feel for the international LGBTI community, players and fans who must rightfully feel used and abandoned.

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