November 20, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news

Speaking on Sunday about the incident in eastern Luhansk, Ukrainian parliament’s human rights representative Dmytro Lubinets said Russian soldiers “are the ones fighting and committing fraud” and that “returning fire is not a war crime”.

Russia has accused Ukraine of war crimes after a video surfaced on social media, which Moscow says shows Russian soldiers killed after surrendering to Ukrainian forces.

The exact details of what happened are still unclear.

“From several videos about the incident with the Russian army in the Luhansk region, it can be concluded that by using the staged surrender, the Russians committed a war crime – they fired at the Ukrainian army,” Lubinets told the BBC. post on Telegram on Sunday, suggesting that the Russians in the video may have pretended to surrender but didn’t.

“In this case, individuals among Russian soldiers cannot be considered prisoners of war, but those who fight and commit treason,” he said. “Returning fire is not a war crime. On the contrary, those who want to use the protection of international law to kill must be punished.”

What the video appears to show: The edited video purports to show captured Russian soldiers surrendering, with several men lying on the ground facing them with their hands over their heads. More soldiers are seen coming out of a building one by one and lying down next to them in the yard.

A voice that seems to be directing the surrender is heard shouting: “Come out, one by one. Which one of you is the boss? Is everyone out? Come out!”

After about 10 men are down on the ground, another soldier emerges from the same building and appears to open fire at the Ukrainian soldiers handling the surrender.

A brief burst of gunfire is heard before the video ends abruptly.

Another video taken later by a drone above the same location shows the bodies of what appear to be the same Russian soldiers in the park, mostly just meters from where they had been lying in the first image.

CNN has not been able to verify exactly what happened in the first video, and it is unclear exactly what happened in the time between the first video and the drone footage.

The UN investigates: Marta Hurtado, a spokeswoman for the United Nations Human Rights Office, said, according to Reuters: “We are aware of the videos and we are looking into them.” Allegations of summary executions that are unexpected should be promptly, fully and effectively investigated. , and all perpetrators held accountable.”

More context: A UN panel of experts said in September that its investigation had found war crimes committed during Russia’s war in Ukraine, including cases of rape and torture of children.

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